Costa Rica Shocking the World, Perhaps a Bit Too Much for FIFA

  • Updated: June 23, 2014
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    By Charles Jay

    How well is Costa Rica doing in the World Cup? So well, apparently, that not even FIFA can believe it. At least that is the opinion of one particular soccer icon.

    To the amusement of some World Cup bettors, Diego Maradona, who many consider to be the greatest player of all-time, as well as a spearhead of Argentina’s 1986 World Cup victory over West Germany, has ripped FIFA after they ordered seven members of the Costa Rican team to take drug tests following the team’s second straight shocking victory, a 1-0 win over Italy.

    It was revealed that only two Italians were subjected to similar tests, and Maradona wanted to know “If there were seven Costa Ricans, why weren’t there seven Italians?”

    His contention, made on the Argentine TV program “De Zurda,” was that some of the sponsors of the event, who enter into that agreement with FIFA, would not be able to realize enough and/or would not pay enough because the teams that might get them the most exposure did not make it through.


    Allegedly, the Costa Ricans who had to go through the testing were Bryan Ruiz, Michael Barrantes, Keylor Navas, Celso Borges, Christian Bolanos, Marco Urena and Diego Calvo.

    Chinese Bookie customers may have some questions about the accusations. Was this much to do about nothing? But was there, as the newspaper Al Dia implied, some disbelief on the part of FIFA about Costa Rica’s win over both Uruguay (semi-finalists in the 2010 World Cup) and Italy (champions as recently as 2006)?

    After all, even an advancement past Group D was unexpected for them. In the future odds that had been established at Chinese Bookie (which obviously fluctuated a little), they were +775 to move on to the knockout phase. They were also +5000 to win the group, which they can do with a victory on Tuesday over a team from England that has already found itself eliminated after losses to the same teams the Ticos defeated (Uruguay and Italy).

    Interestingly enough, England is the favorite, as it is laid out in the World Cup betting odds at Chinese Bookie:

    The World Cup
    England vs. Costa Rica
    Tuesday, June 24 – Noon ET
    Belo Horizonte

    Betting Odds – Handicap Line:
    England -1/2, -119
    Costa Rica +1/2, +104

    Betting Odds – Moneyline:
    England -116
    Costa Rica +348
    Draw +289

    Over 2.5 (-110)
    Under 2.5 (-105)

    Beating Uruguay was one thing; when the Ticos emerged victorious in the game against Italy, that brought even greater celebration in the streets, and the president of the country, Luis Guillermo Solís, happily joined, after having made a Joe Namath-like prediction of 1-0 before the game. For a nation consisting of just 4.5 million people, you can imagine how meaningful it was, and how hurtful it must be to think that FIFA may be a bit suspicious of the win, whatever the reason for it.

    There is such adulation at the moment, however, that the coach’s job may even be secure. This is one of those countries where even the slightest slip-up makes the federation consider a coaching change. Jorge Luis Pinto made it through the entirety of World Cup qualifying, however, and that was a first for this program. It didn’t hurt that the Costa Rican team scored wins over Mexico and the United States in the qualifying phase.

    When you look at that +348 price at Chinese Bookie, you have to consider the psychological parameters of the situation. Costa Rica has already clinched a spot in the elimination phase, so do they let up here? Or will the excitement be such that they will supercharged about the possibility of winning the group? The possibility is unquestionably there, because England has suffered a HUGE letdown in losing the first two games and thus dealing itself out of the next round. Is this a team that might just want to lick its wounds and get out of Brazil as soon as it can? That is altogether possible. There are a coupe of retiring players for them – Steven Garrard and Frank Lampard – so maybe they will be playing for pride and for some momentum going into the qualifying two years from now. We think the Costa Ricans are a bargain at the price in the World Cup betting odds.

    Consider the possibility that maybe they ARE that good.

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    World Cup Betting Odds - Is Costa Rica Shocking the World?
    Article Name
    World Cup Betting Odds - Is Costa Rica Shocking the World?
    How well is Costa Rica doing in the World Cup? So well that FIFA ordered 7 players to take drug tests following their 2nd straight victory over Italy.