NHL Betting Odds – Mind Games Over Bishop Situation Don’t Help Integrity

  • Updated: June 13, 2015
  • NHL Betting

    By Charles Jay

    NHL Betting

    In the odds on Saturday’s Stanley Cup Finals Game 5 as set forth by the people at Chinese Bookie, Tampa Bay is favored:

    Tampa Bay Lightning -125
    Chicago Blackhawks +105

    Over 5.5 goals -150
    Under 5.5 goals +130

    Most people who have been watching the Stanley Cup finals have witnessed the drama that has been created with the goaltender situation of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Ben Bishop had to come off the ice a couple of times during Game 2, although it was never really explained why he left, came back, and left again. His coach, Jon Cooper, who is experiencing his first playoff situation, really did not shed light on it, and while that appeared to be a source of amusement for the press, it will is really setting kind of a dangerous precedent. Chinese Bookie customers could certainly testify to that.

    One of the things that makes sports betting clean is the fact that more and more information is on the table. In other words, there is nothing “secret” about a game, or a player, that a single party to take advantage of in a sort of betting “coup.”


    But when things are unknown to all but a few, that situation gets upset. In other words, we are left in the dark as to whether Bishop is injured or isn’t, or if he is, what the extent of that injury is. On top of that, even though Cooper was well aware he was not going to play Bishop in Game 4 earlier in the day, he did not make the announcement until very shortly before the opening face-off. Well, there were certainly some people who were privy to such information, and the idea that parties who may not be directly connected to the teams have an opportunity to capitalize on such information brings the integrity of this process into question.

    One of the things that adds to the integrity of baseball, football and basketball at the pro level, at least as far as the sports betting world is concerned, is the idea that teams disclose injuries and actually classify them. In other words, a player could be “out” or “doubtful” or “questionable.” That is done for many reasons, but what the league’s probably won’t admit is that part of it is so that those wagering on the event benefit from some openness; that there is, at best, a bare minimum of information that could be critical but is withheld from the general public.

    Chinese Bookie customers know this can’t always be perfect, but more information is always better. However, Cooper seems to be operating on a strategy that LESS information is best. And so those who were engaging in NHL betting on Game 4 were completely unaware as to whether Tampa Bay was going to go with Bishop or with the 20-year-old Andrei Vasilevbskiy in goal. That meant something to an awful lot of people. And here we go with the same situation again. No one really knows was going to play goal for Tampa Bay on Saturday night, except to say that Bishop is a “possibility” to play.

    It’s one thing when you really aren’t sure. It’s quite another when you’re trying to be cute, or play a mind game, but at the same time opening up questions of integrity that are very very real. The NHL needs to step in and curb this kind of thing.

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