ChineseBookie Loyalty Program

  • Updated: June 13, 2014
  • chinesebookie loyalty rewards

    You’ll earn 10 points for each dollar of rake that you generate. The following table shows what the points are worth:


    • 100 POPs / $5
    • 200 POPs / $10
    • 400 POPs / $20
    • 2000 POPs / $100

    To redeem the points for cash you just need to head to the main poker menu then click on the Lobby icon and choose ‘Claim POP’. The cash bonuses will be sent to your account instantly. The poker room also has a section which explains the rules and policies and how to enter and play tournaments etc.


    Over in the Open Waters Poker Room POPoints can also be earned. Again, each dollar of rake generated is worth 10 points and they can be redeemed for cash bonuses:

    Amount Reward

    • 100 POPs / $3.50
    • 200 POPs / $7
    • 400 POPs  / $14
    • 2000 POPs / $70

    In the casino you can earn comp points by playing most games. Each comp point can then be redeemed for $1 cash bonus which can be used to play games with.  With the Chinesebookie Loyalty Program, it’s payback time!

    ChineseBookie Loyalty Program - It's payback time!
    Article Name
    ChineseBookie Loyalty Program - It's payback time!
    With the ChineseBookie Loyalty Program, there’s a rewards system in place which allows you to collect points that can be exchanged for cash bonuses.