Basketball Betting – There’s Plenty of “Quit” in Carmelo – Unless It’s For Streetball

  • Updated: February 20, 2015
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    By Charles Jay

    In case you haven’t been following all of the All-Star drama in the NBA – and we would forgive Chinese Bookie customers if they weren’t – Carmelo Anthony made a couple of decisions, presumably on his own. One of them was to sit himself down for the New York Knicks’ game against the Orlando Magic going into the break, citing the issues, where the ultimate objective was to get enough rest to play in the All-Star game, which, in case you’re not all that familiar with NBA basketball, does not count in the standings. Of course, it counts for plenty when it comes to self-aggrandizement, including exposure to endorsement opportunities and in general, an opportunity to play streetball for a day with some of the NBA’s best players.


    In reality, the All-Star game is probably the perfect showcase for somebody like Anthony, who has never really been all that concerned with fitting in as part of a team anyway. We don’t really have to go through a lot of evidence; just ask yourself if he has ever been a factor in the post-season. The fact that he would lay it all out on the line in an exhibition – playing 30 minutes, more than any other player except one – and then would choose not to play the rest of the season might tell Chinese Bookie patrons more about the NBA at this point in time than anyone associated with the league would care to admit.

    This kind of attitude on the part of self-centered players has caused crisis in the league before. We don’t know how many of you were around before Larry Bird and Magic Johnson came into the league, but there were a lot of people predicting the imminent downfall of the NBA because there were a lot of players like Carmelo Anthony around – full of the “me-first” attitude and playing a game of one-on-one, night after night. No, we are not interested in sugarcoating it; the Knicks have a record of 10-43, and that is way too dismal for any squad that has a supposed “superstar” anchoring things for them. Phil Jackson came in as the chief executive of this team and his full intention was to install the Triangle offense through first-year coach Derek Fisher. All the Triangle has done for Jackson is win him a slew of championships in Chicago and Los Angeles. But it has been an abject failure in New York, and one of the principal reasons is that Anthony’s style of play stunts ball movement, because he simply must have the ball in his hands in order to turn many more possessions than necessary into one-on-one exhibitions. Of course, Chinese Bookie patrons know that doesn’t work in real games as well as it does in the All-Star game, because the other team just so happens to be playing defense.

    Anthony has gotten a backlash from media and fans, and he deserves it. The reason is that episodes like this tend to magnify the proposition that he will never be a catalyst for winning. Sure, he has backed off a bit, because he hasn’t been all that well-received. We’ll find out what happens next. It is true that the Knicks are going nowhere, but truth be told, some fans wish Carmelo Anthony would be going about as far way from New York as possible.

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    Basketball Betting – There's Plenty of
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    Basketball Betting – There's Plenty of
    People still talking about Carmelo Anthony's decision to skip regular season games to play in the All-Star game, maybe his finale for the 2014-15 season.